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Grow Your Business and Beat Your Competitors using the FREE Facebook Ad Library

Facebook is one of the best, most popular platforms that companies use to connect directly with their audience and attract new customers. With more than 2.41 billion monthly active users, it’s not hard to see why. Pretty much everyone is on Facebook – including YOUR target market – which means every business serious about business is advertising on Facebook.

(And every business serious about saving money on advertising is running Sundae Remarketing ads on Facebook – in other words, ads that target folks who have visited their website.)

Let’s look at who uses Facebook Remarketing to grow their business and profits:

    • Iconic successful brands from every industry (think Nordstrom, Amazon, Wayfair, Costco, Lexus, Target, and so on)
    • Competitors in your own industry
    • Competitors you may not even be aware of yet
    • Literally everyone else

Don’t believe us? Facebook Ad Library is a free, easy tool that proves everyone is doing Remarketing on Facebook. And how it proves it is exactly why you need to be using this tool and why we strongly recommend it for your business.

What is Facebook Ad Library?

Facebook Ad Library is an online database available to the public that allows you to view ALL ads currently active on Facebook – and that includes Facebook Products like Instagram and Messenger as well. This “online library” lets you search for an advertiser by name, select a region, select the page (as some companies have multiple business pages on Facebook), and view all the ads they have running!

You can see everything about the ad — the text, the image, when it was posted and how long it’s been live, and even the different versions that are being tested. There are no restrictions on the brands you can search, so take a look below as we show you why and how you should be using this tool to not only check on your competitors, but also to learn from the big brands that inspire you.

Why Should YOU Use Facebook Ad Library?

Your ads on Facebook need to do two critical things. First, they need to stand out. The space is saturated with tons of rainbow sprinkles, and your brand needs to be the lone chocolate sprinkle that grabs the attention of your potential customer. Second, your ads need to encourage that person to go back to your website or landing page instead of staying in his or her Facebook feed. How exactly do you accomplish that?


Well, with a little help from your competitors.


It’s a well-known fact that “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” The best way to create something is to use what’s already out there. Only when you see what ads currently exist can you create something BETTER.


What are your competitors running? What products are they pushing at the moment? What kinds of images and designs are they using? What ad units are they running? Are they showing a lot of videos, or just static images? Are they even running ads?


Facebook Ad Library helps you answer these questions. Once you have insight into your marketplace, you’ll know better how to differentiate your place in it. 


The same thing applies to the brands you admire. Successful, famous brands are the best examples to follow – their methods have been proven and their profits show it. We recommend you use Facebook Ad Library to see what the Nikes and Walmarts of the world are doing, so you can take what works for them and make it work for YOU.

Here’s How To Get Started

It’s easy (and FREE) to use Facebook Ad Library. All you need to do is search the name of a brand and select the verified page that matches:

Then you’ll see a page that shows all kinds of information, ranging from the date the page was created, to what countries the page admins are located in, to what country you want to specify for their brand’s audience:

On this same page, you will now see a grid of all the ads currently running from that brand! Not only can you see what platforms they’re running on, but you can also click “See Ad Details” to view more information and check out the different ad versions:

Now you’re all set and know how easy it is to use Facebook Ad Library. Have fun and check out what big brands and your competitors are doing on Facebook!

Interested in learning more about how to get the scoop on your competitors and boost your business? Facebook Ad Library is just one helpful tool of many… Schedule a strategy session with one of our Advertising Experts to see how Sundae Advertising can help you reach your goals.